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Selected news articles about Canadian cannabis policy from 2006 to 2008 — the first two years of rule by the Conservative government, with Stephen Harper as the Prime Minister.

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Older News Grouped by Topic (2001-2002)

Special Committees on Illegal Drugs (Senate and House of Commons)
09-19-00: MPs seek debate on drug legalization
May 2001: The debate over decriminalization
05-19-01: Minister 'quite open' to marijuana debate
05-02-02: Senate to study treating pot like tobacco
05-02-02: News Release - Public meetings announced
05-03-02: Pot smokers gain Senate backers

Private Members’ Bill C-344
10-22-01: Commons to Vote on Marijuana Decriminalization
11-07-01: MPs start debate on pot decriminalization

04-15-02: Liberals to torch dope legislation
05-10-02: MPs present petition to revive pot bill

Canada's Medical Marijuana Program Government marijuana supply, grown in a mine in Flin Flon, MB by a company called Prairie Plant Systems (PPS).
07-31-00: Canadian Court Strikes Down Marijuana Law
07-04-01: Medicinal pot plants now growing
07-04-01: Rock Announces New Regs
07-05-01: How The Regulations Work
04-22-02: McLellan says clinical trials first
05-16-02: Flim Flam

Policy Conflict Between U.S. and Canada
03-29-02: Undercover DEA bust in Toronto area
March 2002: U.S. Drug War Refugees
May 2002: U.S. threatens Canada with trade sanction
06-12-02: U.S. drug czar visits Canada...

Top Canadian marijuana-related news:

06/29/03 Messy Marijuana Law Tries Courts, Police
06/03/03 'Parade' of pot cases kicked out
05/29/03 U.S. offers help with Canadian anti-drug campaign (?)
05/28/03 Column: Timid Half-Measure Will Fail
05/16/03 No laws ban possession of marijuana, court rules
04/18/03 Liberals plan pot law reforms
04/16/03 Judge rules Saskatchewan men can be tried for MJ possession
04/14/03 Fresh strategy devised for battle against drugs
04/10/03 Another stay in PEI
04/08/03 Crown appeals NS case
04/06/03 What is a Crime?
04/01/03 Cauchon-pot law valid
03/31/03 NS judge stays case
03/30/03 all pot charges stayed
03/28/03 BC MJ law challenge
03/22/03 NB Cannabis cafe opens
03/22/03 Cauchon retreats on MJ.htm
03/21/03 Cauchon commits to decrim.htm
03/20/03 Cauchon - tickets for possession
03/20/03 NORMLspkr-SenatorNolin.htm
03/20/03 PEI - more MJ possession stays.
03/19/03 Justice Dept Appeals PEI stay
03/14/03 P.E.I. Judge Frees Man on Pot Possession (Summerside, PEI)
03/13/03 Medical Marijuana Appeal 'Weak': Judge (Toronto, ON)
01/10/03 Another Court Rules Against Pot Laws (Toronto, ON)
01/09/03 Pot-smoking Motorist Not Guilty Of Impaired Driving (Pembroke, ON)
01/09/03 Man With Joint Didn't Break Law (Toronto, ON)
01/02/03 Judge Rules Marijuana Law Invalid (Windsor, ON)
12/13/02 Supreme Court Delays Pot Appeal
12/12/02 House of Commons Committee Recommends Decriminalization
11/17/02 Operation Green Sweep 3 (Nov. 17 - 24)
10/05/02 Canadian Effort To Weaken Pot Law Brings US Warnings
09/30/02 Chretien: Possibility of Decriminalization (Throne Speech)
09/04/02 Special Senate Committee Recommends Legalization
07/06/02 Medical Marijuana Advocate Receives Absolute Discharge
04/15/02 Liberal Government Blocks Marijuana Legislation (Bill C-344)
04/15/02 Operation Green Sweep 2 (Apr. 15 - 30)
03/29/02 Undercover DEA Bust in Toronto Area
01/15/02 Anne McLellan Replaces Allan Rock as Minister of Health
01/12/02 Operation Green Sweep 1
07/26/01 Ottawa to Fund Medical Pot Study at McGill University
07/04/01 Allan Rock Announces Medical Marijuana Regulations
05/28/01 PM Chretien Says 'No' To Looser Drug Laws
05/18/01 Anne McLellan 'Quite Open' To Marijuana Debate (not true)
05/17/01 House of Commons Forms Special Committee to study drugs (Randy White)
05/15/01 Medical Journal (CMA) Touts Pot Decriminalization
05/14/01 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Medicinal Pot
03/15/01 Supreme Court to Rule if Pot Law is Constitutional
03/15/01 Senate Forms Special Committee to Study Cannabis
12/22/00 Ottawa Hires Saskatoon Firm To Supply Pot (Prairie Plant Systems, Flin Flon)
07/31/00 Court Strikes Down Marijuana Law (Ontario Court of Appeal)
06/28/00 RCMP Seizes Marijuana-Grower's Land In Precedent-Setting Case
06/28/00 Pot Grower Wins Big Battle For Medicinal Users (Vancouver, BC)
05/06/00 Pot Advocate Announces Creation Of National Marijuana Party
03/20/00 Anne McLellan Says No to Decriminalizating Pot
01/29/00 Judge Orders Discharge In Pot Case (Vancouver, BC)
03/04/99 M-381(medicinal marijuana) debated in the House of Commons
01/23/81 PM Chretien Led '81 Pot Reform Attempt
1969-1973 Le Dain Commission Recommends Decriminalization

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