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Rights Information Resources

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
Police Powers: Stops and Searches

PDF - 218 KB - July 2009

This booklet sets out the rights of a person who is stopped, questioned, searched, arrested, or detained by the police. It also explains when the police can enter or search someone’s home.

From the B.C. Civil Liberties Association: Publications page

The Arrest Handbook: A Guide to Your Rights
This handbook explains in plain language the range of conduct citizens can expect from police in the lawful exercise of their duties.

The Arrest Handbook
The Arrest Pocketbook

Rights Talk: Students and Civil Liberties at School     Website | PDF

This guide outlines some basic ideas and concepts concerning civil liberties for students. But, it can be used by anyone who is interested in civil liberties, including parents, guardians, teachers and school staff. Knowledge is power: if you know what rights are and how they work, you can better understand and protect your rights, and protect and respect the rights of others.

Pivot Legal Society
Pivot Legal Society is a non-profit legal advocacy organization located in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Available from Pivot: Statement for Police - rights cards

"Anyone can purchase the rights cards. With your organization's logo: $225 per 1,000 cards."
[more info]

NORML Freedom Card

Keep this card with you in case of involvement with law enforcement personnel.

Print your own card!

Download a PDF version of the Freedom Card and print out your own.

(*Two PDF files available: print a single card version, or print a four cards on a page version, and give them to friends.)

"Beat the Heat: How to Handle Encounters With Law Enforcement"

by Katya Komisaruk
(2003, AK Press, 192 pp., $16.00 PB)

(Free with donation of $32 or more to DRCNet )

Book review by

"A valuable portion of 'Beat the Heat' is devoted to explaining just how police get people to waive their rights -- intimidation, false friendliness, lies -- and how to avoid falling into those traps... It's also a primer for those who have been arrested... Komarisuk covers it all, from getting out on bail to working with your lawyer to what to do if all else has failed and you're headed for prison. There's also a chapter on how to witness and accurately report police misconduct, as well as chapters on the legal rights of minors and non-citizens."

How To Deal With Police Officers - Magic Words? - from

Flex Your Rights presents...
Just say 'no' to police searches.

AUDIO: Listen to related audio clips (mp3's) from
Chris Fabricant, attorney & author of "Busted -Drug War Survival Skills"
Scott Morgan, producer of "Busted - Drug War Survival Skills"

Interview with the author Chris Fabricant about "Busted" the book.

BUSTED - The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

"Don't Talk to the Police" by Professor James Duane

Google video links:
Part 1: "Don't Talk to the Police" by Professor James Duane
Part 2: "Don't Talk to the Police" by Officer George Bruch


Canadian rights-related news

sniffer dogCourt rules sniffer-dog searches are unlawful
Apr. 25 2008 - News

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that two random searches conducted by dog sniffers were unlawful. The Court ruled 6-3 that the searches were a violation of section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects Canadians from unlawful search and seizure of their property.

In both cases, police did not have reasonable grounds to conduct the searches, the Court said. (Court rulling: R. v. Kang-Brown)

Supreme Court muzzles sniffer dogs
April 25, 2008 - Canwest News Service

"The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that police cannot use scent-tracking canines for random searches in public places, including schools, parks, malls and bus terminals."

Tories hint at measures to offset dog search limits
April 30, 2008 - Canadian Press

"The Harper government is miffed at two Supreme Court judgments restricting sniffer-dog searches in schools and other public places, and it's hinting it will take action to offset them."

Smell of weed no longer grounds for arrest, search
February 12, 2008 - (Saskatoon)
"The scent of marijuana wafting from an open car window doesn't give an officer grounds to make an arrest and search a vehicle, according to a recent decision from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. But city police don't believe the verdict will deter them from arresting dope-smoking drivers."

Ruling needed on vehicle searches: judge
Moncton courts divided on constitutionality of warrantless searches
August 13th, 2008 - Times & Transcript (NB)
"Lampert said there are many cases involving the same officer and the same pattern of investigation, and the provincial court is obviously divided on the constitutionality of the searches."

Court lets suspects sue police for negligence
6-3 decision called `groundbreaking' but some fear it could have `chilling effect' on law enforcement
Oct 05 2007 - Toronto Star

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