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War Without End

Sentences that come with a cost

Canada has adopted tougher mandatory minimum sentences, a practice that in the U.S. has led to skyrocketing prison costs but failed to reduce crime.

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War Without End

Breaking Rank
A Top Cop's Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing

Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper on the High Costs of the Drug War.

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L.E.A.P. website

War Without End

Prime Time Investigates:
War Without End

Michael Heney follows the drugs trail and asks if there is an alternative to this war without end.
(Part 1 and 2 - 55:19)

2008 - RTÉ (Ireland)


Pot arrests spike in Canadian cities

"Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax reported increases of between 20 and 50 per cent in 2006"

Pot arrests spike in Canadian cities

CP Video (July 8, 2007):
The number of people arrested for smoking pot rose dramatically in several Canadian cities last year.

Related news article:
"Pot busts bounce back"
Jul 09, 2007 - Toronto Star
Since decriminalization bill died early last year, it's `business as usual' on marijuana arrests

Clergy Speak Out

Clergy Speak Out Against the War on Drugs

Produced by Mike Gray, , of Common Sense for Drug Policy, with help from Chuck Thomas of Unitarian Universalists for Drug Policy Reform, and the Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative.

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The Charlie Rose Show
A conversation with author Misha Glenny about his book McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld.

June 10, 2008Watch Video


CBC Radio: The Current
May 1, 2008 - Part 3

McMafia (MP3 audio)

For most of us, the term organized crime conjures up scenes from the Godfather movies or newspaper headlines about biker gangs. Either way, we tend to think of it as something safely removed from our daily lives. But in his new book McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Underworld, Misha Glenny paints a starkly different picture. According to Glenny, the collapse of Communism and the rise of globalization have ushered in a new era in which organized crime -- buoyed by complicit governments and consumers alike -- now infiltrates everyday life from the Balkans to British Columbia.

Mischa Glenny joined us from Vancouver.

McMafia author, Misha Glenney, confronts Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the NATO summit in Bucharest about how "the Taliban are the biggest backers of the War on Drugs." Harper responds with more talk about how demand reduction requires a change in the culture.

Host John Mounteer interviews teacher and author Dr. Mitch Earleywine,
and discuss his recent book, Parents' Guide to Marijuana.

Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

The first video in the Short Cuts Documentary Series that asks the question: Why is marijuana illegal? Check it out and see what members of the public have to say compared with the experts.


Foreign Policy TV:
The War over the War on Drugs

Should drugs like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine be legal? Watch the fireworks as Ethan Nadelmann, author of Think Again: Drugs and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance clashes with David Murray, chief scientist at the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy.
Watch Video (5 parts)

Drug Policy Aliance

An excellent source of quality videos on drug policy is the Drug Policy Alliance YouTube channel.

The Forgotten War on Drugs (5-part NPR series)

In a five-part series, NPR examines the progress of U.S. anti-drug policy so far, and where experts say it should focus next. NPR website

Audio: Making the Case for Legalizing Marijuana
Interview with Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. Listen to the interview.

Following on from Chief Inspector Brunstrom's report last week the BBC series The Moral Maze tackeled the moral issues around illicit drug use and specifically the laws that criminalise it.

The Moral Maze (45 min)
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4
October 17, 2007

Topic: Legalizing Drugs

Direct link to RealPlayer file

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized: An Expert's Perspective

Professor of Pharmacology and co-author of Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts, John Morgan explains why marijuana should be legalized for the safety of the community.


LEAP debate

A debate about drug prohibition between Jack Cole, Director of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) & U.S. Attorney Eric Melgren.


Barry Cooper speech

Narcotics Officer Switches Sides

Ex-narcotics officer, Barry Cooper, speaks at a NORML ralley filmed by ABC's 20/20.


Check out for more!

Libby Davies - CSSDP
Watch video
(4 parts, YouTube)

MP Libby Davies speaking at the CSSDP founding convention
March 16, 2007

Libby Davies, MP (NDP-Vancouver East, BC) delivers the keynote address at the opening of the founding Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

(McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)

Women on Weed
Watch video

Women on Weed (Watch video)

A ChiKii survey found that 27% of women between the ages of 31 and 60 responded that they smoked pot for recreational purposes.

Six pot smoking women agreed to come on camera to express their viewpoint. Take a look at what they said. 

Cannabis Gran
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'Cannabis Gran' Patricia Tabram
March 8, 2007

(U.K.) An interview with Patricia Tabram, recently convicted for the second time of supplying cannabis. She uses the drug herself to treat chronic back pain and has become one of the nation's leaders in the campaign to legalise marijauna, even visiting No.10 to put across her views.

Damage Done

Watch Preview (Global TV)

Damage Done website

Damage Done - The Drug War Odyssey (Global TV)
December 9, 2006

After 30 years of Drug War, illegal narcotics are decreasing in price, increasing in purity, and demand continues to surge.

The heroes of our film are veterans of the Drug War, and they urge us to consider ending drug prohibition. They have had a complete revolution in their thinking: now they are working to end the War on Drugs. Find out what happened to change their minds.

"Fifth Gear" Cannabis and Driving. Speed TV (U.K.) conducts a real life test of driving under the influence of cannabis. Watch Video (YouTube)

Stoned In Suburbia -
A documentary made in the U.K. Watch Video (Google)

BBC: If Drugs Were Legal
If... Drugs Were Legal - BBC - "If" series - January 12, 2005

Experts such as former chief constable Francis Wilkinson argued the case for pro-legalisation, while David Raynes of the National Drug Prevention Alliance was one of the voices arguing against. More info

The programme was followed by a studio debate on BBC Two's Newsnight, chaired by Jeremy Paxman.

Watch the BBC Newsnight debate on legalization (RealPlayer)

  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( Audio/Video Presentations
Prof Neil BoydNeil Boyd on High Society. David Malmo-Levine interviews Neil Boyd (Criminology Professor at Simon Fraser University). Neil speaks in a way that the mainstream is able to hear. He's a credible personality and he speaks well.
Moving BeyondMoving Beyond the "War on Drugs" (2002)
Seven video clips (RealVideo format) from a two-day conference at the Baker Institute for Public Policy. High quality discussion.
Economics Roundtable: Legalizing Drugs (28 min.)
Boston University Economist Jeffrey Miron argues that legalizing drugs would lower the crime rate, cut the demand for guns, reduce the spread of AIDS and improve race relations.
''Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use'' (5/28/2003)
Jacob Sullum, Senior Editor, Reason Magazine & Author
Topic: Evaluting the view that current U.S. drug control policy is too costly and unproductive. 30 min.
Grass - the movieGrass (2001- narrated by Woody Harrelson)
This entire movie can be viewed online via YouTube. Classic clips and rare footage in a historical look at cannabis and how it was made illegal.
Pot-TV News Pot-TV News - Keep up to date with the latest cannabis-related news.
Hilary BlackHilary Black interview (April 2002)
Founder of the Vancouver Compassion Club, Hilary gives her views on the cannabis situation in Vancouver.
Cannabis RisingCannabis Rising (1996)
High Times/Cannabis Culture writer Ed Rosenthal takes us on a tour of Amsterdam.
CBC radio commentary (July 25, 2002) RealAudio
A good summation of the current situation and the need for change in Canada's marijuana laws, but the commentary ends with a statement about how pressure from the U.S. will ultimately keep Canada from making any progress in this area.
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CBC: Michael Enright's Essay on the Unexpected Legacy of Emily Murphy
(May 13, 2007)