Frank Discussion Cannabis Facts for Canadians

Erroneous Claims about Cannabis

This collection of common prohibitionist claims is intended as a resource for anyone interested in looking at cannabis from a rational science-based perspective rather than from an emotional or a moral perspective.

The bottom line... The problems often associated with the "cannabis issue" are actually caused by our cannabis policy and not from the plant itself. Prohibitionists like to repeat these already-disproven claims to distract from the fact that our policy toward cannabis is causing more harm to society and to the indivivdual than the sibstance itself.

  Claims about Cannabis
  Is Cannabis a gateway drug?
  Is Cannabis dangerous and addictive?
  Does Cannabis cause health problems?
  Does Cannabis have medicinal value?
  Is medical Cannabis just a ploy to legalize recreational use?
  Would reducing punishment to Cannabis users send the wrong message to young people?
  WIll Cannabis use increase if it is legalized?
  Would it cause more problems to add another legal intoxicant to the market?
  Will legalizing Cannabis result in more drug impaired drivers on our roads?
  Does Cannabis causes amotivational syndrome?
  Does Cannabis causes psychosis?
  Has the potency of Cannabis increased dramatically since the 1960's?
  Is high-potency Cannabis more harmful or dangerous?

U.S.-related Claims
  Is Canada a major supplier of Cannabis to the United States?
  Is Cannabis being traded pound-for-pound for cocaine in the U.S.?
  Are there record numbers of people seeking treatment for marijuana dependence in the U.S.?

How does cannabis compare to other substances?
Nicotine, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Caffeine and Cannabis...

Online resources for disputing false claims about marijuana:
Marijuana Drug War Facts - Cannabis Consumers Campaign
Exposing Marijuana Myths - A Review of the Scientific Evidence (Zimmer/Morgan)
Marijuana: Myths & Facts -
Marijuana Myths - by Paul Hagar, Chair, ICLU Drug Task Force
10 Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know About Marijuana
Common Questions about Marijuana (*pamphlet also available as a PDF document)


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