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Canadian content websites
Cannabis Link (Canada)
Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
CMAP: Canadian Media Awareness Project
The Hemp Canadian
Cannabis Culture
Marijuana Party of Canada
Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs
Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs
Marijuana Party of Alberta

Medical Marijuana websites
Treating Yourself
The Marijuana Mission (Dr. Lester Grinspoon)
Office of Medical Cannabis Access (Canadian)
The Marijuana Compassion Club of Windsor "daweedking"
  Dr.Weil answers Marijuana questions
Prairie Plant Systems
(contracted growers of government med-pot)

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Other Cannabis-related websites
DrugSense: Drug Policy Reform
MAP: Media Awareness Project
Think for Yourself, Drug Policy Reading
Common Sense for Drug Policy
DRCnet: Drug Reform Coordination
Marijuana Policy Project
Drug Policy Alliance (
Drug War Facts
The Marijuana & Hemp Network
New Scientist
Uses of Marijuana (Dr. Lester Grinspoon)
NORML - Nat. Org. to Reform Marijuana Laws
Ya-Hooka - Marijuana search engine
Smokers Guide to Amsterdam
High Times
Cannabis Hemp FAQ
Marijuana Myths
Cannabis Consumers
The Drug Library

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Canadian Cannabis

Erroneous Claims about Cannabis
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Know Your Rights
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Cannabis in Canada

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