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Activism / Low Risk Activism Suggestions

Even if you feel uncomfortable with "coming out" as a pot smoker, or are a bit intimidated by the term "activist", there are still a variety of ways a person can help advance the movement toward rational cannabis policy. (Being an "activis"t simply means you've taken some action to be part of the solution.)
Here are several low risk activism suggestions:

1. Letters to editors (LTE's)
2. Write letters to politicians
3. Donate to reform organizations
4. Vote for a pro-marijuana political party
5. Volunteer for an activist group
6. Initiate discussions with friends and family
7. Distribute flyers
8. Attend rallies and marches
9. Support hemp and marijuana related businesses
10. Participate in online discussions, newsgroups, and radio/TV call-in shows

1. Letters To Editors ("LTE's")

Using the media in this way to spread our message is a free and effective tactic. If you're concerned about using your real name when submitting a letter, you can write LTE's for newspapers outside your local area.

*An LTE is also a great opportunity to communicate to the cannabis community as well, stressing the importance of getting involved. We need as many people as possible making an effort.

MAP: Media Awareness Project
Keep up to date on the latest cannabis-related news. Editor contact info is provided with each story. MAP provides resources for learning how to improve your chances at getting published. There are also mailing lists available, including a "SentLTE" list.
CMAP (MAP Canada): Canadian Media Contact List

Learn how to write an effective LTE: Resource Links

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2. Write letters to politicians

Members of the House of Commons
Email addresses for Canadian MPs

Regular mail (snail mail) may be sent postage-free to any Member at the following address:

House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
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3. Assist or donate to reform organizations

Want to be an activist and don't know where to start? Find an organization or activist that's already doing something and ask them how you can help.

Donate to organizations that are working for all of our rights. They need your financial assistance. Our opponents have much deeper pockets.

Marijuana Party of Canada
Drug Sense / MAP Inc.

More Reform & Activism websites...

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4. Vote for a pro-marijuana political party

Marijuana Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
New Democratic Party (?)
Libertarian Party of Canada

Want to make change from the inside? Run for an elected office a pro-marijuana candidate.

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5. Volunteer for an activist group

You can work anonymously for an activist group, distributing flyers, etc.
Here are the YaHooka listings for Canadian reform organizations...

British Columbia | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Ontario | Quebec | Eastern Canada

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6. Initiate discussions with friends and family

You don't need to talk about your own pot smoking in order to discuss important topics such as the war on drugs, or the harms created by marijuana laws.

If you trust the person you're talking to, and you feel you have their respect, why not discuss your own pot use? They're unlikely to use this information against you, and you'd have the opportunity to challenge common stereotypes of who a pot smoker is.

Personally, I'm not a high-profile activist, but "coming out" to my family and friends has given me the opportunity to educate them on the topic of marijuana and correct their misconceptions. It's a very liberating feeling to be able to discuss the topic openly and not feel you have to hide that part of yourself. It's also a good first step in learning to be more effective in responding to various prohibitionist claims.

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7. Distribute flyers

Print up some informative flyers and take them to your local head shop.

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8. Attend rallies and marches

Keep up to date on marijuana-related events in your area and show your support by attending. It's important for us to put a human face on this issue, and it also helps build a sense of unity and strength through numbers within the movement. Check out my Events page to see when an event is happening in your area.

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9. Support hemp and marijuana related businesses

When you are out shopping, ask whether a store carries hemp products. Showing interest like this will encourage wider availability of hemp-related products in the future.

Buying hemp and marijuana-related products will strengthen the industry and legitimize pot smokers as a viable demographic. These types of businesses often actively support marijuana law reform, so supporting them supports the cause.

Live in or near Toronto? Stop by the Hot Box Cafe
Radio interview with the owner:
"CBC's Sounds Like Canada Visits Roach-a-Rama and the Hot Box Cannabis Cafe"

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10. Participate in online discussions, newsgroups, and radio/TV call-in shows.

Keep a look out for cannabis-related topics that come up in online discussion forums and in newsgroups. On a high traffic site many people may see your response.

Many people will hear what you have to say if you voice your opinions on radio or TV call-in shows. The first time or two you'll likely be nervous but you'll start looking forward to the opportunity to call in as your knowledge and experience grows.

An under-used activist resource are college radio stations. They will often accommodate event announcements for cannabis related events.

Low Risk Activism | Joint Efforts | Letter Writing (LTE's)

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Knowledge is power. An educated activist is the best activist.

Joint Efforts
As a group of over 2 million people, we have more power than we realize.

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